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Irrigation System in Vilcanchos

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Programa Subsectorial de Irrigaciones PSI - Peru


Elaboration Of The Technical Files Of The Project “Water Installation Service Of The Water Irragation System Of Vilchanchos, Espite, San Jacinto, San Miguel, District Of Vilcanchos – Victor Fajardo – Ayacucho


Currently within the work zone, the crops only produce in one season, with low yields due to a lack of water and low applications of cultivation techniques. On the other hand, there are lands with agricultural availability that are not exploited due to the uncertainty of having irrigation water to cultivate the agriculture field and the land is almost entirely dry year round.

The objective of the consulting contract is to design a water irrigation system that supplies readily available water all year long, ensuring the use of the soil and improving the agricultural production of the benefitting populations.

  • Hydrological and Hydraulic Studies
  • Geological Study - Geotechnical soil and sediment characterization
  • Agrological Study
  • Dam design and complementary works of art.
  • Outline of the piping canals
  • Permits management before the competent authorities in the environmental and culture areas.
  • Elaboration of reports

Champacoccha lagoon is located 4017 meters above the sea floor surrounded by Paleogene outcrops of sedimentary volcanic nature, covered by Quaternary deposits, with moraine deposits and alluvial formations with wetlands surrounding the area.

The Project proposes to dam 470,814 m3 of water by means of a dam that contains water from rainfall and small streams. By these means, a canal system can manage the water through a system of 22.72 km of pipes of the 250 Ha of land of distributed crops between the rural communities of Vilcanchos, San Miguel, San Jacinto, and Espite. At the same time, construction of complementary works to the system will take place such as intake, distribution, inspection, pressure control, among others, and the projection of 2 basin reservoirs of 5,000 m3 that will complement and commission the water irrigation system.

The dam will be constructed with material from the zone that is the most common and economic to be used for these conditions and similar requirements.

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