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New High Speed (AVE) station in Elche

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ADIF - Administrator of Railway Infrastructures of Spain


The objective of the contract is to provide consulting and assistance services to the drafting Project for the installation of a new AVE station in Elche. The project includes the following actions: construction of a visitor building, construction of platforms with canopies, remodeling the lower passage between the platforms and the vertical communication installation elements, parking areas, vehicle access roads next to the visitors building, exterior development and the access road to the station from its connection to the roundabout.


The project proposes the execution of the New High Speed Station of Elche, that consists of:

  • Execution of a one-story building, ground floor for technical rooms, ticket sales room, lobby and commercial properties, with an area of 1282 m2. The covered floor is intended for air conditioning equipment.
  • Execution of 2 platforms each 400 meters long with 2 metal canopies each 100 meters.
  • Development consisting of road connections and circulation of private and public vehicles to access the station (¨park&ride”) and access to the car parking area. In addition, it includes pedestrian zones associated with the departures and arrivals of the travelers and the waiting areas outside the station.
  • Execution of a parking area for 208 covered spaces using metal canopies and installments for parking management facilities, access control and lighting equipped with management intelligence circuits ignition.


Pre-execution work:

  • Previous Analysis and report of the Construction Project
  • Drafting of the modified project for the next installments:
    • Information systems for travelers with Deneva System. (Chronometry, megaphone, teleindicators)
    • Facility control through Scada Centralized Management System
    • Low electrical energy voltage and building illumination, platforms, development, parking lots and roads.
    • Plumbing.
    • Air conditioning and ventilation.
    • Fire protection in public buildings.
    • Telecommunications, voice and data.
    • People count.
    • Review of technical files of equipment and materials.

Work during execution:

  • Supervision and control of the work installations.
  • Quality control of materials.

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